Saturday, October 3, 2009

whispers contacted me and suggested a few changes before they would consider offering the contract. surprisingly, small changes. they felt the characters motives weren't discussed enough.
well okay. first,the one character gets her own viewpoint, so just add a few paragraphs showing again whys he made the descision she did.
they felt the man fell in love too soon. well okay. go through and tone his feelings down a bit.
third, they wanted the theif to be shown in a postive light, which means he did not become a thief out of helplessness. so i added a segment where he chose to become a thief. it is, after all, sometimes the lesser of evils.
so, for the next book(s), make sure there are good explantion of what the characters are doing. passion is not the same as love. and protray main characters in good light, get reader sympathy. personlly, i think the poor thief having to turn to life of crime was sympathetic. the poor guy felt hopeless, and found a way to fight back. good motives. i feel for him.
but no. he must be protrayed in a spotlight of love and affection.
space pirates is coming along, so will probably be the next book up. unless i redo the fairy tale one. that would be a huge rewrite, but doable. still. i like writing about the space pirates, and keep cranking the plot up.
i still want to write horror, but, i will force myself to finish a book first.
i jsut finished reading dean r koontz relentless. in like one sitting, sort of. okay, half a sitting, ran to possbile school burning (it wasn't. drats.) and came back to keyed up to sleep so finished it.
never read dean r koontz when you want to go to bed early.
this book was a great example of dangling plot so that readers are hooked for a while.
for the best example, read intensity by koontz. the entire plot takes place in one day. one day. and yet the tension is incredible.
i don't too often dangle the plot bit. i might try and drop a few hints, though, since it works so well for koontz.

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You can't even write a blog why would anyone read a book you wrote? You can't spell and can't write a normal sentence.