Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I read this funny review from smart bitches complaining about whiplash characters, characters that say yes then a paragraph later change their minds for no reason. Now, I'm just starting the Sarah langran novel, missing. The main character, Lori, says yes to a marriage proposal and decides not to go to college and immediately knows it's wrong. Does she have the brains to call him and say oops? No.
Yet the book is a great read so far and I don't know how this talented author does it. There's like almost a whole chapter on this character growing up and stopping by a bar and meeting this guy and not going to college and seeing him getting married after he proposes to her then breaks up with her, and I want to read more. Could hardly put the whole book down.
How does she do it?
I wonder that when I was reading, because the metaphor or analogy or whatever they are awesome, she picks out the best detail to focus on and great characters. Yet, so much personal history and it is still a great book. I can't wait to finish it, but I will have to because I have to work later. Darn it!
I had a few more ideas for space pirates, but ended up writing a good chapter for clueless sally. I don't' know why, I just get excited about different books at different times and so I write what I feel like. Three thousand words in two hours.
And nanowrimo is coming up.
Fifty thousand words in month, which I've done barely the last two years, and should find easier know that I write more and faster.
Still haven't heard back from whispers about the thief of heart book, but it takes a while to reread the whole manuscript. There were little flaws like words left out, and things I decided to change, even though I had edited the book a lot.
It's never enough, there's always something to fix.

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