Friday, December 11, 2009

3rd book accepted!!!!

Whispers has offered a contract for the third book, thief of heart! Isn't that wonderful? The editor said it still needed a lot of work. I'm lucky they're willing to help an author out with tips and stuff. I absolutely love whispers editors! They do such a great job.
I just hope each book is getting better. I figure a new writer gets about five thousand per published print book. (I made eight bucks off my first ebook, and so far, three bucks off the second.) so anyway, if I can get to be a good enough writer, I think about one or two books a year is comparable to what I make now. (sob.) so I just have to keep getting better and better.
The last editor suggested a writing classes. Not going to happen. Money issues. There was also suggestions of learning more grammar, and I would like to say not going to happen. Brain issues. I'm an idiot. But, darn, I've been speaking English for like almost my whole life and should be able to master basic speech. So, I'm to try and brush up on some editing rules.
Humans lie, for instance, things lay. as in, i'm going to go LIE down. LAY the pillow next to me.
Apparently little things the average person doesn't notice drives an editor nuts.
Still. my third book, whoo hoo!

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