Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am almost done with nanowrimo!!!!!!!
less than two thousand left. finally.
the first part is pretty good, I think. there are some rocking hot sex scenes. and then, the ending kind of peters out. that's okay. I'm starting book two, which will be part of book one, as far as nanowrimo knows. really, the first book kind of doesn't have an ending. so, I'm going to keep writing, and combine the two before it ever sees daylight, otherwise known as an editor.
and, I have made payout at helium again. if I had thought ahead, i could have used some of the money for nanowrimo donation. but still, another ten bucks probably wouldn't matter.
at least I made one donation this year.
as authors, we should support literacy sites, and as readers. and, bookstores. I can not support a book store enough. seriously. I need more money. or a larger library selection. nah, more money.

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