Tuesday, February 2, 2010

due to a job change, i'll be able to blog more often! yeah! all my fans will be happy. (hello? Anyone there? Not according to the counter.) anyway, to all my non readers, there will surely be much rejoicing that wonderful blog will now have a new post every so often. Oh, yeah, exciting.
I re looked at the last changes I made for whispers on heart of the thief, and I think I was still thinking like a sci-fi writer, which I still want to be. I need to think like a romance writer if I want to write romance.
The original plot had her as a depressed woman needing a hero to come in and rescue her form her depressing life. instead, the editor thinks she comes off cold and bitter. Will yeah, that's why her falling in love with him was suppose to be so good. Only, readers won't stick around long enough to see her change. She needs to be more sympathetic. Enter the adopt an orphan plot. Like duh. Now I know why it's a plot cliché. And I hate plot clichés. As a reader. As a writer, they come pouring out, for some reason. It takes work to write better than clichés, work some writers just don't seem to manage.
And some do. i really like this new writer I just started, shawn grady, who wrote through the fire. So far, it's good. He really knows his firefighting stuff, and describes reno very well. It's got a lot of purple prose, but it's good prose, very well done. I'll finish reading it in a day or so and see how good it really is.
I have about two chapters of a young adult novel I'm working on, and about three or four of the funny one.
I keep wanting to write so far on like every sentence, and I have to stop doing that. it's okay for a blog or a rough draft. Sometimes I have to write badly and go through and edit it out. It's okay to overuse a cliché or something as long as it's edited out.

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