Friday, February 26, 2010

I keep forgetting to post-working two jobs suck. But, since I still squeeze in writing sometimes, it should be good for me. When I quit I should be use to writing on the fly, so to speak, and hopefully will do better about scheduling more hours.
There is nothing like practice to improve writing.
Although reading helps.
I still love Lisa Kleypas. Not the plots, mind you, or the characters always, but the writing itself is incredible. Awesome. There are not enough adjective for that writing.
Kisses are incandescent. Incandescent. After that, every kiss in my book wanting to be incandescent. I want a man in my life who kiss incandescently.
Her writing inspires me, and I don’t' mean I rip it off, though I would love too. Just paste my name over hers on a book cover and I would be ecstatic to claim it as mine. Alas, my own writing undoubtedly falls far short.
If you're wondering about the glory of the word incandescent, it's just one of many hotfire verbs, adjectives, and descriptions she uses. Her writing is over the top hot, and I read her books when I find them at the library.
She's a trailblazer of what to write.
That said, I went over heart of the thief for like the 1,000 time, and added some better writing. Yes, Lisa Kleypas want-to-be, writing. Not actual copying, but repeating a phrase in my head and asking myself, is this as good as that? would she have written that? if I found that sentence in her book, would I like it or not? Because sometimes, I write like a print novel, and erase it. Because I hate everything I do.
Hello, low self esteem.
Well not hello, because the low self esteem kind of never left, freaking hanger on.
Anyway, read her books for inspiration. Mediate on good writing to improve your own. and practice, practice, practice.
I hope to finish Heart Of The Thief this Friday. today. Becuase I am workign so much, and I think a deadline like the end of a month is good. No reason, it's just a dead line.

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