Saturday, April 10, 2010

I read this great novel by Dean R Koontz ( I don't remember which one, they're all great) about subliminal advertising, and putting dirty pictures into ads. Now, as I was staring at the Pepsi machine in the laundry room, several thoughts occurred to me.
One, yes, that chunk of ice right there, upper left, does look like a penis.
Two, I have spent an awfully lot of time looking for said dirty art among this picture of a pop can sliding into ice.
Three, I have maybe the most boring job ever, since I would rather ogle a vending machine looking for dirty, suggestive things rather than working.
Hallelujah slow jobs.
Lots of time to ogle that there porn/ad.
A good writer should be able to point out, Four, why aren't you writing, weirdo? Excuse me? you're drooling over a picture of a pop can. You like so need a life. Or something.
Well, yeah.
I have started a new book, I think, I'm sure. Since it's been a while since I blogged. (and you thought I wouldn't notice when the last entry was. Oh yeah, my life is so full of excitement, that, um, yeah. Whoopee.) I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned yet. Another firefighting book, but this one actually has a plot. Plots are hard to come by, shockingly. You'd think they would be easy, but no. A great reason why something is going wrong, is motivation, not plot.. A great pivotal amount of action is a scene, not plot. The reason why someone is doing something is character, not plot. Or I have background. or setting.
Plot is kicking my barely writing, over worked, underpaid, daydreaming butt.
Of course, the fact that I have been fantasizing about sex scene with soldiers, (never mind why. I love a man in uniform. Enough said.) probably doesn't help any, since I don’t have a soldier in any of the books. Blame it on the dirty vending machines. Which I shall have to examine most thoroughly next time I work. But, good news, for all my adoring fans (hello? Do I even have one yet? Listen. Not even the crickets are chirping. Ouch.) I have a few days off thanks to a scheduling snafu. And will be forcing out some more writing. Not just a bit here and there, but trying to finish something.
Oh yeah, readers of romance can rejoice now.

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