Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have just finished reading The sheriff of Yrnameer by Michael Rubens. Awesome book. I was just loving it. It's what I want to write, a sci fi comedy. Yet this book is great, awesome. Hilarious. I must check for a sequel, and wonder why I don’t write this well.
Also, just started Halfway to the Grave by Jeanine Frost.
I hate books where women are attracted to men they hate.
I mean come on, when I hate someone, I hate them. I do not want to sleep with them. is this like- I love your body, but you are a axx hole? I mean is that it? When you want someone, in a love/lust way, I would think the mind is maybe part of the package. You know, like, object of lust must have a personality you can stand.
But this book covers that, by giving the heroine a reason to hate this guy's self (vampire) yet come to realize her image of him is wrong. I'm only less than halfway through the book, so don't quote me on this. It came out a while back but I just got a copy through the library. Yay poverty.
But, there a lot of other books where the heroine does that just that thing, oh I hate you but I want your body, oh, your just a lousy person but I'm falling in love with you. and it's like excuse me? does lust turn a person's brain off? Well yes. But come on. Not that much. Even in my fantasy, there's got to be some redeeming qualities or it's no thank you. you have a nice axx, that I have been admiring ever time you turn around stud muffin, but I'm not sleeping with you. unless your unconscious. Because I hate you.
I just don't get it. You gotta like the guy, to want him. Right? Wrong?
Because I so am not sleeping with an unconscious guy, or one I don't like. There's go to be something there, humor, a bit of spark, something.
The whole, I think vamps suck, but I might change my mind when I get to know you, thing does work for me. and the writing is pretty good. A truly sarcastic heroine.
Which is the next point.
Yeah, sarcasm is good and all, but aren't readers going to get tired of women who are snappy, whiney, PMS types? A good strong buttkicking heroine is nice and all, and the sarcasm is funny, but only so much attitude and the genre is flooded with psycho funny whiners.

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