Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Author blogs has been down for a long while. They had a requirement of three posts a month, which really isn't all that much. Yet, I feel like I barely made it. The writing life si not something to post about, really. It's shoving out a chapter here and there, scrawling down a quick note, or bits of dialogue.
Not exactly zintillizing conversation.
Haven't heard from the editor since I sent the last re edits off. Though, the book is on the site. Okay, I don't girlie squeal, but I was thinking it. EEEEE! My book is on the website! Under coming soon.
It's not even out yet, I all ready have two, and yet I still felt a thrill at seeing it.
I'm going to try the paramedic story for print, I think. harlequin has ebooks, I may try them. either way, it's encouragement to write the best I can (which is always saying much. I know.) write the best I can, try fro the best paying markets, and see what they say.
Not that whispers is better or worse than harlequin, it's just harlequin is more famous, gets tons more submissions, so getting published there is a way of saying I must be good.

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