Monday, September 20, 2010

The editor and I have finally hammered out the last re edit of thief of hearts. Yippee! Whispers no longer says when a book is coming out on their coming soon page. Disappointing. But, I'm hoping someone will tell me when it comes out.
I just read winter girls. I loved it, the thick prose, the absolute teenage angst on every page. I didn't agree with every metaphor, but there was so much that was awesome I just loved the book. It's a must read. Even though it's probably been out for a while and everyone is done talking about it.
That's because I hit the library up constantly. (side note, the library complains they don't have money, but while looking up job listings, you would not believe how much a librarian is paid. And this is a small town! It' s as much as a cop, who's risking his/her life. and to shelve books? An ER nurse makes slightly more, but deserves it. I love the library, but come on.)
Oh, I finished the third book in the hunger games. I loved it. I read the reviews on, and yes, the few bad reviews (and there were many good ones) had good points, but over all, I loved it.
And I read the next book in the gone series. As good as the other, but a bit disappointing in that it just drops more clues, it's not the end of the series.
What if I died tomorrow and never hear how it ends? How rude of some authors. I want closure, now. Agh! When is the next book coming out?
I just started David Wellington vampire books, the first two. Also awesome. I don't read just teens books, really. I read his werewolf book first, then 13 bullets and 99 coffins. I have vampire zero coming in the mail. Excuse me while I drag my fingernails down the wall in anticipation.
And the new dexter is almost here. XXXX waiting, really.
But finally, back to the opening. My book is almost out! Wait. That means more waiting until it's here. Xxxx waiting!!!!!!

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