Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I just heard back from whispers. The new book, thief of hearts, will be released in jan of 2011.
That's like, months away. months. (okay two, but still.) I think it's been over a year that I have been struggling with the re writes, and waiting, and editing, and now, finally a year. It's like getting a print book done. A year.
But, good news, I think it's better written than the other two novels. Though, surprisingly, I don't have another book ready to go. oops. I should, since it's been so long, and that was the original plan, to have a book coming out, and another one done. Well, actually, the paramedic novel is almost done. I don't know why I'm dragging my feet on it.
Nanowrimo is coming soon, in another two weeks. I have several plots, already, and plan to just write my big fat butt off.
I blame tomb raider. If Lara croft was real person, I would hunt her down and shoot her for walking off cliffs while I'm frantically hitting the jump button; turning around at bad moments; and other extreme acts of stupidity. Some might say the player is being stupid, but no, really, I'm beating my fingers black and blue on the controls, and she just doesn't do well. Especially swimming.
I think I have just been lazy lately, and need to force myself to write. Of course, that's what nanowrimo is for, and just in time.
I was thinking, maybe, of writing a Christian novel.
Right now, my readers ( if I had any) would be going, wait. Don't you write porn? And bad porn, meaning your editors want to go your last school and beat the English teacher for letting you graduate?
Well, yes.
And it's erotica, not porn.
Still. I have read a few of the steeple hill series. Not too bad. Some of the books were good, no different than a normal novel, except no sex, and a few prayers. And I mean a few. Not like the old days, with maniac Christians, stilted dialogue, unreal endings; smug little bastard do gooder plopping tidbits of scripture that would take a bible thumper two hours to get through. No, the books I read for the most part were enjoyable.
Maybe I just read bad books. I use to be turned off of romance. People would often point out that I was currently reading romance, but I had a defense. It was about aliens, or zombies, or dragons, not romance. It only took a few bad books to turn me off, and a few years to get back on it. Now, I love Sophia Kinsella, )English author, very funny.) Meg Cabot (ya author, but great read, even for adults.) and Lisa Kleypas. (her prose is delightful, and the main reason I stopped hating romance.)
Good luck fellow nanowrimos. Here's to another year of frantically typing those last minute deadlines while dodging internal editors and plot monkeys.

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