Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am waiting payout from helium. Now I feel lazy for not writing more articles. Yet somehow, the tv always looks more interesting. Come to think of it, it's why I don't have more books done. So I decided to make myself review last year's nanowrimo. So far, parts of it are less than perfect, and parts of it are pretty good. I just don't know if there's good parts to make it sellable, which is why i'm going to edit it an rewrite sections of it. I seem to recall the end was very lame, racing to the finish line of fifty thousand words in thirty days, so yeah, there's going to be a need for rewriting.
I wanted to post my payout from helium, so others could see, only I don't know if I can get it to work or not. This just the top few articles, grouped by payment for the month. And yeah, you're thinking, a buck and change? For an article? You gotta look at the overall, the payout since the article posted. Plus, some of the articles have been written recently. Part of why I wanted to post it, so people could see that some articles pay better than others. I did a lot of helium articles that might not pay more than a few cents, if even that. But then, some of the writing sucks, too.
I can't believe I said I was going to post and haven't. Hello procrastination.
I had this idea for this invention. It was a copy of the butt of the person who invented word programs. And it was made out of foam, and when the computer screwed up, you got to kick it. Kind of one of those novelty items for stressed out executives. A better use of such a wonderful idea (really, why am I not a genius making a fortune? Oh wait, it's only one idea, and probably not as good as I think it is,)a better use, would be of the author's butt, so the author could kick it when they screw off.
On the other hand, one leg would be significantly larger than the other, and I might get carpal tunnel syndrome in my foot, or metatarsal syndrome. It's been a while since emt class.
If I posted more often, maybe they would be shorter posts and easier to read. On the other hand, would it be worth the bother of looking up? Is it anyway? Oh yes, if you're an author. Got to do something when not writing.

payments are this month first, then for the year, then total since article was written. some have made a nice payment, some are too new to have made more a few cents. but it adds up, especially if i keep writing and getting better at writing.

Furniture restoration:1 of 1 $0.89 $13.55 $17.19

Health benefits of tender coconut 1 of 1 $0.61 $10.97 $19.39

Does Lipozene work? 1 of 2 $0.61 $6.67 $25.33

The anatomy of a frog's tongue 1 of 5 $0.37 $5.11 $11.12

Are new age crystals too occult for Christians 1 of 2 $0.20 $1.61 $2.30

Blackstrap molasses vs. regular molasses: Understanding 1 of 5 $0.20 $1.94 $5.81

Play writing: Character development 1 of 2 $0.19 $1.96 $3.09

What is the difference between a liqueur and liquor 1 of 1 $0.16 $1.66 $5.89

Health benefits of guavas 2 of 4 $0.13 $1.90 $3.18

Fiction writing: The importance of summary 1 of 2 $0.12 $1.23 $2.02

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