Sunday, December 12, 2010

Okay I haven't written anything in a while.
November is not a good time when doing nanowrimo. Plus, my computer melted down.
There's this program called security tool, and it's a fake bs piece of crap, that claims to have found fake virus and spyware and you have to pay fifty bucks of more to make it go away.
And when I was doing my childish repair (getting mad, swearing, hitting monitor)the thing broke but good. Gotta love american, what a way to speak.
The monitor went out, and I decided I had had enough.
I bought a new computer. Thank god, I backed up most of the writing stuff before it all went to blackout city. But it slowed down nanowrimo, as did sitting around on my butt. Played a lot of tombraider. Spyro. Yeah, I know they're old games, but I recently dug out the playstation and did not have the money to upgrade.
I finished the nanowrimo novel, I have thief of hearts coming out in january.
Last year, I finished my nanowrimo novel, too, and I think I’ll go over it. See if I can I keep up with my writing and see how soon I can get the next book out. The good thing about nanowrimo is realizing how many days it has been since you wrote.
I was watching American dad, the Christmas special. Awesome, freaking awesome.
And right now, some are going, what? That crap? Isn't that the one with the talking dog and the foul mouth baby?
Yeah, that one, and Steve kills Santa and there's this awesome fight scene. Watch the elves, how alive they are, looking at their target, they turn their heads and look at Santa. And you're going, So? Are there not better blogs I could be reading?
No. Pay attention, would be writers.
Each character was an individual; a short scene time of like seconds, and they're individuals. It's amazing if you're paying attention to the small details.
Overall, the episode is pretty good. The moonshiner on the mountain top is a cliche, yet done in a hilarious way. He has this hatred for Santa that encourages him to take the Smiths in, and adds to the dialogue. It gives him a backstory that's not mentioned. Again, an individual.
Some people, (probably a lot, anyone with good taste. Ha ha) won't like the show, saying it's not Christmas. Yes it's disturbing to see a Santa full of holes, but it's also a good reminder that nothing is liked by everyone. Or, as some editors will say, it's proof that people will like any crap. Yes, but this is a long running show with lots of fans. How many editors can say that? Huh? Huh? Yeah. So there. It's a popular show.
Worked for me.
Maybe there's a gas leak in the bedroom, who knows. I loved the show. Thought it was great. Disturbing, somewhat, but great.
The little things cam make a subtle note of reality in writing.
So that's the whole point of mentioning the show. Are your side characters capable of looking around? Do you take the time to spend a few minutes in your head and say, hey, he should do that, or this? Even a walk on part, a quick waiter, doesn't need a ton of dialogue, or backstory, but does need to act realistic for the time that person is the center of attention.
Okay, on top of the new computer, I have a new job.
But enough about the boring stuff, I don't like blogs bout writing that blather on about the family. Some gossip is okay, but if it's writing, talk about writing. Even if it's how tv can point out some good writing.
It's back to writing for me, and back to blogging more often than I have been.

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