Monday, January 31, 2011

yesterday, I didn’t do the rewrite, but I did sneak off and write for a few hours. I’m lying. I did a Sudoku and read the paper, and typed about a thousand or so words.
still, it’s writing.
today, I’m at 20 out of 81 of the rewrite.
I know, I know, it's not a lot. But let's say, normally I do about five pages a week and get tired, or bored. if I do a two or three pages a day, plus that five, it's, um, no wait don't tell me. click start, accessories, calculator, let's see, um.
it's about seventeen. so about three times as much.
I know five doesn't go three times into seventeen, there remainders. I think you know where you can stuff them, math dogs.
yeah, so, like about three times as much work, and there's a good reason it's going slow. I'm rereading each line, and wondering how to make it better.
With tv on.
Just saw sorority sister, great movie. Loved the plot, the way the first girl gets killed, the set up, the hot tub scene, the soap bubbles keeping everything hidden to the end. Did not like the end of the movie, I don't like the multiple killer endings. I just don't believe more than one person will kill someone, not for something like that.
At this point, the January deadline, probably not going to happen. But let's shoot for the first few weeks in February.

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