Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Right now, i'm at 20 out of 85.
so it's like,what??????
no progress?
Well there has been, really. I was at 25 out of 87, so I added two pages and took off two different pages. And not pages, actually, but lines here and there, which I is a lot slower. I think the first part is really pretty good, almost ready to be submitted. Of course, I haven't really touched most of the rest. Yeah, I got up to 30 or so, and it needs only a little review. By tonight, let's see how I get. I would like to be at 40 out of 8? because then I would be almost halfway done.
So I was at 30 something, went back and changed a major sex scene. It now reads better, I think.
But still. It's almost halfway through feb, I haven’t even finished half the book. And I wanted to be done at the end of jan. ha ha. Sob.

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