Saturday, March 12, 2011

Currently, I'm at 70 out of 91. like twenty pages left. It's so, (high voice) Amazing.
Just watched Archer, this cartoon (for adults.) about a spy. they had this great character on tonight, does that constantly. Annoys everyone. Now, I have that voice semi stuck in my head. Amazing! waves hands. Darn tv.
Still, over seventy five percent done. Barely over seventy five percent, and over a month late, but hey, better than nothing. That's what you gotta look at. If I finish this month, yeah it's slower than I wanted, but at least next month I can start submitting, or so.
Not as wow as when, if, it sells. And I have to decide where to send it first. and not as wow as it would be, if I had finsihed the re edit back at the start of February, like I was suppose to do. lazy.
I went to my writing club earlier today and I’m still tired. Writing is like sex. A big bunch of effort, gets all fast and furious, then bam, relaxation. Kind of like jogging, too, come to think of it. Just a relaxed, slouch around the house feeling after wards.
I think I did about three thousand today on the pirate book. I have written the ending like so many times, and it just wasn't coming out right, then suddenly, I think, maybe it is. Better than the earlier crap anyway. So I have no idea where I am on that book, and need to do major re editing before submitting.
Which wouldn't be a problem if I was done with the other book. I can see where this is going, with book after book struggling out just to get clogged in the laborious re editing process.
Three pages tonight. Gotta look at the bright side. I did three pages tonight, and will do more tomorrow, which is better than nothing. Barely.
70 out of 91.
There's eighteen days of March left, so if I did a page a night, it might get done. If.
Or, two or three pages like I did tonight, every night until it's done.
but hey, better than nothing.
you want to hear AMAZING????? i almost forgot.
there'a comment on whispers, from someone other than me, that says you're good.
I'm like, wow. That wasn't me posting this time, (ahem) or even anyone I know. It's a real person, who likes my writing. That little thought has melted my butter like you wouldn't believe. I made that phrase up. I felt like it, that's why.
amazing. It has honeslty cheered me up considerably. I'm going to back to leaving feedback for other writers, becuase it is so wonderful to get encouragement. sales would be good too, and money, but you know. encouragment is good. I'll take it.

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