Sunday, March 6, 2011

Okay, here it's March. Nice meeting that end of January deadline. I've only skipped a whole month. From some of the notes in the comments section of the book, it looks like I’ve added about ten thousand words in that one month, and edited about fifty pages. That's a laughable amount compared to what a read editor does. But then, most have offices, or privacy. Most have laptops to take said book and go put in a few hours, and I really just have the main computer or the alphasmart.
Still, I have discovered one thing. I love progress bar. What a useless gadget. That I can't stop updating, like almost every page when the writing is going slow. I'm 64 percent done. Oh yea, couldn't live without that info. I'm 80 percent done going by word count, at fifty six thousand out of seven thousand, which is the minimum required by some publishing companies. Once again, apparently I really needed to know that.
The progress bar gadget does sit on my desktop, though, and hits me with a guilt wallop every time I log onto AOL to screw around. Why aren't I writing? It asks. Update me, c'mon, just do a few pages.
Really, I wish there was a better gadget for writers, one that showed graphs, or word counts for the day. I've seen some on online, but if I go online to update, I’ll just have to stop by the old gaming sites and nothing, believe me, will get done.
And no, I don't want to hear about willpower. This is the real world, so let's be realistic. I don't have willpower, or the book would be done. And sold. Years ago.
Enough fantasy.
Back to the real world of typing for a few hours then updating those progress bars.
Got to know how I’m doing every page, right?

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