Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Currently, I’m behind, like way behind where I wanted to be with the re edit. And I haven't hardly done anything new. Wow, I haven't gone this long without writing in a long time. I think because I've been re editing so much. According to the progress bar, (yeah, progress bar, cool useless toy) I’m on page 56 out of 88, or 62 percent done. And only a month late. And still about twenty thousand to add to it, to get the correct word count for most published books.
Here's the thing. I'm kind of stuck for an ending to the pirate book, which isn't really about pirates or vampires, but a woman who kicks butt when naked. Fighting, that is. Work has picked up a bit, but that is an excuse, I know it. I know there's nights I could have worked on it, just a few pages here or there, which is kind of what I’m doing.
I don't dare send out a synopsis and a query for the re edit because I don't have the book finished yet, and if someone asked to see it, well, I would be screwed, because I don't know if I could get it done quick. Not when it's taking me this long. Plus what if I lose a potential sale, because I skipped much of the laborious process of re editing? But I think the book is much better for it, I really do. This one might have a chance at ink and paper publication, and that's my goal.
Of course, I need to finish the vamp/pirate/naked fighter story eventually. And a few others, then try some christian romance. I'm guessing that's going to be under a different pen name, though.

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