Friday, April 22, 2011

I finished the chapter. And if you're like, what, just now? Well ha ha. Ha ha hahaha. Evil laugh, I’m just not good at it. Yeah, I finished it a while back, baby. Nailed it. Okay I’m lying, I finished it, the nailed it part I don't know. I hope it's good, because I sent it to loose id, thinking, well, it says you get a receipt in one month, so I can tweak endlessly till then right? In like four days they asked to see the whole thing. Oops. Quick re-edit, while sweating buckets. Is it good enough? Will it ever be? I've heard of authors that can endlessly play with stuff, never submit it, because it always needs just one more adjustment. Wow. That's me. Did not know that.
So, I sent it off. 57,000 and complete. I cut the last few chapters because they dragged on, weren't needed, and all from his point of view, which made the plot wonky.
Yes, wonky.
I don't know if it's a word, it just is. Wonky.
Because, the first half is all about her, then his viewpoint. Lots, of his viewpoint. Oops. Wonky.
So now, a few more chapters for her. Less for him. No head hopping, I hope. Strictly forbidden, and was in the original draft. Which is good that publishers say no to head hopping, because I’ve read a few print novels that have head hopping, and now it' s driving me nuts. How can a professional, multi-million publishing company IN PRINT make a mistake that a few people clustered around a keyboard, i.e. electronic print, not make? I mean, how is an amateur, (and I don't mean to insult e-books, some of them are pros, most of them, but still you're looking at a few people, getting paid darn little, not shelling out thousands for a book like big print,) how can a few people online do a better job than a print publisher? Wow. Wonky.
So back to the subject. I sent off the book, now called free to love, or some thing like that. Again, I’m not good with titles. Really.
So it's off, and we'll see how it does.

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