Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sigh. I said I was going to post more, and look what happened. A slight improvement, and that was it. And I said I was going to finish my re edit, and guess what. Yeah, not hard to guess. Partly, not a good week. That time of the month, and no I will not blog a lot of details, either you're a woman and know what I'm talking about or you're a guy and don't want to hear it. Anyway, this month, did not throw up, yay, but still sick, cramps, etc. so I cut myself a little bit of slack, but only a little, because I could have worked on the book in the few hours I was feeling normal. And then, last day, i'm thirsty for milk. Milk, evil stuff, that was tasting almost spoiled a few days ago, now tastes fine, and whammo. A case of the runs. More cramps. Life sucks. What was I thinking? How often have I given myself dairy food poisoning via drinking those last few drops of spoiled milk? I buy it myself. Not like i'm wasting someone else's money, but no. I want milk, there it is, cramp and run to the bathroom. Idiot.
Anywho, will try to finish this weekend, a bit behind schedule but not very much. Pretty good for me actually, considering I was a month behind the first re edit. I think a month, maybe two.
And reason number two for being behind is a great one. Two words. Rob Thurman. New Book. Bookworm heaven. A nice thick novel, gone in a few hours, but worth it, the kind of book you hide to read so you can read uninterrupted, which I wish I had done, would have finished sooner. Great novel, it alludes to some earlier stuff but you could pick up just this book and get it. Blackout, that was it. A must read if you like simon green nightside series, or violent dread novels, where characters face all sorts of evil and fight it. Made me want to go write one of my own, but enough. Must finish the re write, finish space pirates then naked warrior, etc.

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