Sunday, August 14, 2011

I finished most of the rewrite. I had a few notes, less than a few hours work, maybe. Then, phfft. No energy. I looked over the naked pirate re write, (worse than I remember, though I love the beginning) and still no ending, and looked over a few others as well. Telling myself, okay, I just need a break from the rewrite for a bit. Well yes. A little perspective is good, it's okay to take a break near the end, step back, go wheh, then back to work! And the last four words are my problem. Because I have an attention half the size of a anorexia gnat's ass, apparently.
And hopefully, no one is reading this (ha, I good stop right there with that sentence, probably) and thinking, just get back to work, whiner. Why are you wasting time complaining about it?
1) this is a blog about writing, and this is a problem a lot of people have, of starting something like a starving kid in a candy factory then moving on to newer before the old is finish.
2) One must recognize a problem in order to fix it. I really did need a break from the rewrite, and can finish it next week.

So okay, I missed the self imposed deadline. I can still finish by next week, and still need to do a synopsis and cover letter. Then, gulp, most likely off to harelquin.
Till then, I’m thinking I could maybe whip out the naked pirate book in a week. No, really, it's going to take a few months to rewrite, add in missing chapters, re do, rewrtie again a final time, and still work on the ending. I have one, but it's not fitting. Because of the plot, a fantasy, i'm thinking ebooks. Not a big seller right now, but the book has moments that are pretty good, and can help build a following. With the closing of borders, I can't think of any publisher that will be taking this anywhere else. You just don't see fantasy lining the shelves of the local supermarkets. So ebook it is. Still, it's a fun read. Worth finishing, if I can.

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