Thursday, October 6, 2011

New readers of the blog are going “oh no! What happened to her?” Old readers are going, I'm sure, “Hmm. She forgot to blog again. It's so easy! Just let one day slip and say, I'll blog tomorrow. I'll finish the rewrite tomorrow. Well, maybe next week. Someone slap me along side the head. I contacted whispers for the editor info so I can send off slave to love. Yeah, I wanted to send it off to harlequin, but, brain freeze. No ego. Or something. Just couldn't do it. So okay, I'm going to send it to whispers. In the meantime, I am almost done with the short “blank.” you may not realize it, but titles are hard. Let's call it Indian love story. It's going to be about twenty thou words or so because plots are kicking my butt. Don't know why. I believe in identifying problems and there it is. So, just a few more days (which admittedly I said a few days ago) and then, I'm sending it off to whispers too, and I have started the ninja short, again, “blank.” Freaking titles! Anyway, I have been writing, just not what I’m suppose to, but fine. Just write.

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