Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yeah I know- I said I would post more and look what happened. the problem is tomorrow, as in, I'll do it tomorrow. i'm up over 20,ooo of my nanowrimo this year. whoo.
and, a link. cheesy I know, to log on after such a long time with a link, but. I'll do better tomorrow. he he.
Coffee and Cream Christmas Event

‘Tis the season to get steamy with the Whispers Publishing authors. Stop by the Whispers blog all December long, where the amazing and talented authors are dishing hot excerpts, recipes, and information on your favorite romances, including some of our best-known interracial romances! PSST—there might even be eye candy!

Leave a comment for a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the month—a gift basket filled with tons of goodies. Why not explore a little fantasy this holiday?


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