Saturday, March 31, 2012

I finally sent off the Indian short story to whispers. Haven't heard back yet, it can take a few weeks. Plus I sent it off form mom's computer, so maybe it has a different email address. We'll see.
I swear I will resist, for the most part, taking cute cat pictures and posting. Really. Except for this one, because she's leaning on the computer keyboard. If this blog degenerates to cute things my pet did, someone track me down and whack me on the back of my head. Yes, I love my cat, but no one else does. Except for mom, who's seen her. Does the public care? no. do I care about the cute things someone's else toddler did? Usually no, it has to be exceptional. I'm reading a blog to hear about the main topic, not every digression and side track. So yes, I will continue to blog about writing, even though I suspect I have no readers.
Still, here's the cute thing my kitty did!!!! isn't we adorable?????? (smack.)
I mean, here's one of the few pictures I will ever post. Ahem.

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