Sunday, March 25, 2012

So I haven't blogged as much as I could, but I have been doing some writing. I finished the pirate short, now I need to go over it. I think I should maybe concentrate on shorts. I liked it well enough to want to do a book, thought about the ending, and realized I had no middle ground, no way from point a to z. so I tacked the ending onto the short and wove it in seamlessly. I kind of bogged down in reediting space pirates. Don't know why, maybe it's just been around for a while and so it's old hat.
I read about a book a night. Some great, some not.
“after the golden age” by carrie vaughn. A+
loved it, love anything to do with superheroes, great character to tell the story from, some nice subtle romance, bold heroine. Handles her kidnapping well, very nicely done. I think sidekicks is my favorite super hero novel, but this book was still really good. I went to go to the library, and they closed early on fridays, so ended up shopping fred meyer for some new books. Ouch. But worth it.
I also read, from my stack of used that I get cheap, “the white night” by stella bagwell. A
modern romance, a harlequin. Surprisingly, I really liked it. Not a lot of intense plot like I normally like, no major kidnappings bomb, etc, but I really wanted to know how it ended, and read it in one night. This was a quick, good romance, what they should be. If I had read this years ago, I might like romance. Seriously. You read bad romance, it sucks. You hate the genre. One bad book in high school turned me off of it for years. And people would point out that I was reading romance, and I would be like, “what? No, it's got werewolves. Or vampires in it. Not romance at all.” You can't escape the pink clutches of romance, really. It's everywhere, buried behind adventure plots and under space aliens. Sigh.

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