Thursday, March 8, 2012

book review A+++

There's a video game calling me, but I have to tell you about this book. I read it in one night at work, which sucked, as I wanted to curl up with it and make it last, enjoy it. What makes this book so good? It's the writing. You gotta enjoy the writing, it's like tasting the food. Sure, it may look like nice or smell great, but it's the main thing, enjoying the writing is savoring. And this book was wonderful, a gentle start that doesn't overwhelm as details start to emerge, great grim writing without tons of gore, really any, it was a fantastic book in imagery and design.
Daughter of smoke and bone
by laini taylor
I think it's young adult, but you gotta read it. I read the front cover and was like, eh. It might not suck too much. Books like this are why I try new things-and am so thankful I picked it up. Quick, to the internet to hunt down the authors other works. Check your library, this is one you don't want to miss.

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