Monday, March 12, 2012

book review A+ and A

I'm blogging even though there is isn't much going on, for the same reason I’m writing. I need to make myself do it more often. No excuses! Wait, does being an idiot count? Oh goody I have an excuse.
Anyway, I read this great book, “Drink Slay Love”. Now normally, I can't stand vampires in high school. I think it's safe to say, most of us hated high school, with a passion, and if there was a vampire he better drink up because I never wanted to see most of those people again.
But I digress with miserable random memories. “Drink Slay Love” was one of those read it in one setting book. It takes an awesome writer to have a tough heroine who is really tough, and not just in need of a truckload of midol and some empathy.
Pearl, the main character, is so totally awesome at being bad. Her one liners were spot on, her attitude was deadly but confident in herself and she really could kick butt eight way to Sunday. She gets stabbed by a unicorn, and suddenly, she's a daywalker, enjoying the sunlight. While going to high school, because her family wants a lot of blood for a feast. All of this, by the way, is on the front cover flap, so it's not really a spoiler. I would have preferred a little less involvement from the kids at the end, but over all, great book. One of the best vampires I have read in a long time. Even with high school. At least she didn't have high school angst, thank God, no whining. Way to tough for that. Worth checking out.
The other book I read lately was “Cosmic Forces” by gregory lamberson. It's a part of a series, which I dont' like as I still haven't found the first book, and now know the ending. This book was pretty good, and I mean good. It's hard to write action yet the plot steps along merrily, the action is detailed enough to follow without getting boring and the plot is fresh enough to be interesting. For some reason, I daydream a lot when reading his books. I don’t' know, maybe he makes my imagination kick in. if you like the drood books or nightfall series, by simon green you would love this. If you like darker fiction, try this author for sure.
Dark books. Lovely.
I started a few notes on a new story, just didn’t want to do any of the old ones. And the cat is sleeping in front of the computer. Good reason to not get much done today. But I start to write I don't know what, then found it humorous, kept it going, surprisingly long for not having a plot when I started.
I find plots are tricky. Really they are. So, I'm trying to focus on short, like not even worrying about the word count, just writing. Let it go. Keep it simple. Focus, grasshopper, until you master this skill.
I have one quicke done, need to put it in word. Fricken microsoft word is so expensive, it's not on my computer. Thank you open office. It's like free word, it's just not word, so I’ll have to take the thumbdrive home and resave it under the right program, then send it off.
Quickies, right? Short steps? So send it off this week. Shouldn't be too hard. Now let's see if I can do it.

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