Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sent it off. Tonight. Made myself finish it, even though I just went to the library and has so many books.
I did read sophia kinsella newest book, I got your number. Just as totally awesome as any of her other novels. Took me about three to four hours, worth it. I had the night off so finished it one sitting.
And then made myself redo vision of love, adding enough to meet the 10,00 word guideline and forced myself to send it off. So scary! Really, there's the worry I screwed up something stupid and won't be hearing back from people that would have accepted it if I had just done one little thing-no, stop it. Don't go there, you'll never send anything off again. Yes, some of the world is a horrible place with awful people, but most of us are nice and understanding of idiots like me. I hope.
We'll see, there like a three to four month turnaround before hearing. So, end of august, thereabouts. At least it's done. Wheh. Sigh of relief.