Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I moved, and probably should have blogged about it.
Much like a romance come to life, I moved from a one room sort of commune like setting (no not a cult.) to a house with my boyfriend. Yikes! This living together is new. So far fun, though.
Anyway, now I have the internet back and bought advertisement credits with romance reviews. Pricey, but hopefully worth it.
On a side note, I started a book, highwayman, was going to be a short, can't believe how funny the first part is, totally forgot, and now I want to finish it. I might, I think I have some of the plot worked out. Will it be long enough? Who cares anymore? The important thing is to write will so I can write better each time, and to finish something so it can sell. Hard enough without worrying about length, I'm still trying to focus on quality. Will harlequin or a mainstream buy it? Who knows? If I write good enough, practice enough, I can get there, I hope. We'll see.
Anyway, will let everyone (going by readers, that would be a big fricken zero) know how much the book sells with this advertisement. With the free credits for joining and the discount, it cost 38.00 bucks. From my dwindling savings. Moving is not cheap.
At least the cat can go out now instead of living in a one room tiny spot.
And you animal lovers can shush it before you say anything. Great, you love animals, I’m a peta member too, I tried to take the cat home to mom but she was miserable. Loved to stay with me, even if all she did was eat and sleep. Now, she's up two pounds from last vet visit and can finally stroll outside our gated front yard. And out the back where I end up chasing her home. Still, she's happy, i'm happy, my man is happy. We'll see how it goes.

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