Monday, April 15, 2013

I wrote some last night. picked up a new book but made myself put it down long enough to write. that is what is going to make or break me as a writer, right now, is actually putting the time in. finished reading the radleys by matt haig. great book, loved his use of metaphors, spot on. also finished anno mortis by rebecca levene also a great book. a bit of a zombie novel, but if you like that type, it's part of the tomb of the dead series. quick read, about four or five main characters, great heroine, very much a strong female type. they're hard to do but this author nails it. lots of barbarians, and Romans. what's not to love? there's about six thou words sitting on the alpha smart i need to download, it makes keeping track of the writing so much better. I just noticed. going by reading material, you would never guess I’m writing christian romance now. I kind of wanted to get away from some of the erotica, going to try this book for a few months, because, really, any writing is good practice. christian romance can be good because the writing itself can't be boring. throw in a sex scene in an erotica and it's okay (not great but okay) if the descriptions are a bit lame, or characters a tad cardboard. not so with no sex scenes! a real challenge. I noticed since I’ve been rereading Koontz that I’m a lot more wordy. of course his novels are great wordy, mine might be boring. we'll see when it's done and edited, if i can get that far.

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