Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good news everyone. sounds like the professor guy from futurama. (love the show.) I heard back from liquid silver books. they want the rest of the manuscript. so happy doing happy dance, happy dance, happy happy happy dance.
not that it mattered much to cool person like me, of course. (ahem. happy step!) perfectly cool about it.
Since they liked the book well enough to see the rest of the manuscript, i then spent hour, hours, back breaking muscle hurting hours, editing again, then hours screaming inventive swearwords while I tried to figure how to put ten chapters into one file. why? because they asked for it. selling e books is a profession, which means I should be professional, since if these people pay me they are my boss. I am so happy to make it past the first hurdle, I feel like I am halfway published now. the first time I sent the book out, I went back after a couple of months and re-read the first three chapters, which represent the work. they sucked. I like the rest of the book, very well. but the first three? sucked. so re-editing. changing. rewrite. until the I want to puke it's so horrible feeling went bye bye, and I could almost stand to read it again, just like the other ninety nine times I read it. and than word counts. scanning sub sites. roaming e books sites, wondering if my book would fit in here? or there? then a tentative query, and three picked apart chapters. and then I still didn't like quite everything in the first chapters, but that is okay. during re-editing, I created this nifty game. (yes, I created it, even if it's out there already, because I thought of it before I knew of it, so there.) you picture a ritzy hotel room, good looking broad with smoking pistol in purse, who knocks a chinese type vase over as she comes through the door, eyes tearing over latest beau. so you write, she walked in hotel door, knocked vase over. now, in re-edit, play this game. you only picture it if you mention it. very important. because look at the crap you wrote. a woman, so picture a dress, or vague feminine shape, a door, and vase. now, most cheap hotels don't have vases. so now, playing the picture it game, you see you should have written the blond wiped tears from her eyes. darn him! with shaking hand adorned by real diamond rings, she opened the door to the pricey hotel room. describe room here. she flung her suitcases to the side and knocked over a ming vase. notice the details? amazing how much gets left out, or might be misunderstood by mind weary readers. it's a good game, and helps me slow down my re reading, and catch more mistakes. I had no idea I dropped so many words, didn't capitalize, and misspelled. I speed read, so editing for me is tough. But if I get bored and want to skep past chapters, I ask myself why, and try to make it more interesting. Witty. Funny. Scary. Something. But play the picture only what you wrote game. Go ahead, I’ll let you, free of charge even. I’m just so nice. happy dance, happy dance.

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