Thursday, January 3, 2008

the holidays are a good excuse, and then they're over with, and now the guilt hits. I haven't written anything for helium for a while. this is a nice site of non fiction articles, and pays okay. I am up to my second payment, and could probably call myself a paid writer, but it doesn't feel right. it's kinda like opening the package of refrigated cookies, baking, and calling myself a chef. if i want to be a writer, I need to sell writing, not research. although the program is good exercise for looking things up. and it's amazing how many little writing mistakes i make especially when tired.
so why aren't I writing? hmmm. i read too many good books, and think I can't compete. want to know if your book is good enough to be published? walk into a bookstore, and go to the section you're writing in. there's your competion. beat that, and you have a chance at seeing a book in print.
which just erodes my confidence.
because that book in my hands was good enought to get published, is my work as good?
and if the book sucks, at least they got published, who am i to say it's not good writing?
see what I mean?
there no way to win.
I have one story up for submission now, and have changed the second one repeatdly. it was going to be my nanowrimo novel, now it's a comedy. who knows next month.
but I need to crack my whip over mylazy butt. the nanowrimo month helped me see i could squeeze a lot more writing time in if I tried really hard.

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