Saturday, January 5, 2008

Note the new word meter on the side-because I like toys. Did I need it? Was it probably wroth the swearing trying to find one, and plaster it on the site? No. but I wanted one, and I got one. Why? Because I’m spoiled just like everyone else.
For instance, I don’t need to edit for spelling mistakes and push shift to get a capital I, because I have word perfect. And I can cut and paste. Well, duh. Readers, if I had any, will note many little mistakes, because I was typing on the create post page. Now, I am going to type in word than just cut and paste. Ta dah. No spelling errors, hopefully.
I heard back from the publishers, just a short note that say will get in touch shortly. Yikes! I got so worried seeing that in the in box. Would it be good news? Bad? I am squirming in nervousness that it will be good, but who knows. What if I screwed up when I did the re write? But I just have to wait, and hope. A contract should be in the email soon. Yep.
Now that I have a pointless word counter, I think I’ll set it at 50,000 and try to make the books go there. See, you thought I switched subjects and never came back to the first topic, didn’t you? Now that the first one is out there, so too speak, floating through sub space, I hope to have another one done soon. It's the only thing that helps calm my nerves. The comedy re write is going great. I had a lot of imagination then, and still do, with better writing, I hope. I can see where I cut too much when writing.
Also, my nanowrimo is about 50,000 but heavily in need of re edit. No surprise, it was cranked out in a month. A few touches here and there, and it might be presentable, and another book to send off and worry over and flinch when I open the email.

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