Sunday, January 6, 2008

Heard from lsb again. gasp! gut wrenching nervousness. would they like the book? dare I open the e-mail? they wanted everything in one file, not a whole attachment. oopsie doopsie. So this was a quick fix, and a good test of my nerves. sending a novel off is exciting, and I hope to hear (read, actually) good news everytime i open the e-mail. I try to consider this all a good learning experience. at least the People at lsb are wonderful, and professional, and overlooking the amatuerish mistakes so far.
of corse right in the middle of all this mom starts screaming that it smells like the cat died and she had to clean the litterbox. Have you ever tried to read a romantic scene with something like that in the background? I don't recommend it. They have a termite infested room right over me, and the ceiling creaks with every step. This is why I only write at night.

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