Monday, January 7, 2008

I decided for whatever reason to check out the nanowrimo novel for a rewrite. It’s going pretty good, actually, and I am warming up to the romance genre more and more. The novel so far is going good, with the rewrite up to chapter five. Which is good. The sex scenes are missing. Which is bad, because I know have to rethink my characters and magically conjure up the words to describe it.
So here’s another little game for re editing. If your characters switched bodies, would anyone notice? I mean like would close friends notice your dark brooding guy is a bubbly teen? Okay. But what about all your characters? Would anyone notice? Because if there isn’t that much difference between them, chances are you have cardboard characters, a dreaded virus among writers, striking without warning from the pages of reviews.
I, personally, have the dreaded comma. Every sentence, it seems like, has one, those little buggers, right, there. , that’s an easy catch in rewrite, though, and one I am overcoming. Slowly. ,
still, dark supers is buzzing right along, so far, despite the missing chapters. It could be finished soon, if I wasn’t moving, and busy with other rewrites. The highest priority of all is forbidden passion because that is at a critical point, a professional point.
Until I hear back, to keep my nails from digging holes in the wall and other head banging hobbies of the nervous, I am working on the rewrites. Work work work.

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