Friday, January 11, 2008

hmm. trying to think of something funny to blog about. all I can think about is the joy of moving- little sleep, endless packing, sore back, overwhelming fatigue, no access to my stuff, no internet or computer until Tuesday, (this is Friday) no cable, and being so sick of it all that am looking forward to endless hours of unpacking. ha ha ha ha. the joys of moving.

think that's funny? how about I run to your house and beat the- okay, kidding. sound whiney? it is, but moving is a witch with a b. a capital B. It means I will now worry about lsb telling me they want my book in that short span of time I won't have internet. if you ever move, call ahead and get the cable company there weeks before hand. weeks. or else.

of course, this is just my paranoia, but I also worry about my bank account going in the hole when I am not checking it, worry about anything and everything. what if we lose one of the pets? what if the moving truck runs out of gas on the steep grade and no power for the steering? I have done that in the pickup truck, come to think of it. yep, when you pull your truck between everyone else, you know you're a red neck. and when you're pushing yours, because you don't have money to pay for gas, you are the queen of the red necks. that would be me.

And I get to drive one of the u-hauls. whee. good thing I drove fire engines for a while. If your local fire department wants a bond for a larger station, so they can hire residentys, give it to them. best thing I've done in my life so far.

but moving isn't all fun and games, no siree. it's also a big pain in the wallet. listen? hear that? that's my credit card, screaming. ha ha.

but at least a blog is an excuse to take a break for a while.

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