Thursday, January 17, 2008

it worked! stupid fricken internet!!!!!
i hate moving. we waited days for he internet and cable. okay, so it's not a tradgey, but it still sucks. and then, no internet access up top. so we tried the router. swearing. straight to the modem. swearing. drove by the cable company to ask for another modem, they only give one per isp or something. swearing. (on the way home.) finally, desprate, rehooking the modem to the other side fo the house. slightly less swearing. because it worked, of sorts. of course, i now have a cord dangling down, a misplaced modem, and every thing needs to be reset for mom in the morning. swearing. i sense it in my future.
still have not heard back from lsb, i think i'll drop them a line after a month. just to check in. other than that, iahve learned disappointing things. i haven't been writing. i know, i know, moving is a godd excuse, but not for a want to be author like me. i need to get off my lazy buns and write, write, write.
tomorrow, or later tonight, i will either revise supers, the comedy, or start the new plot in my mind. either or. i will get some writing done.
oh, and i have vowed to only own light weight furniture for the rest of my life.

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