Thursday, February 7, 2008

I see the same mistake being made over and over. bad writing. for instance, the heroine is on the ground, admiring the hero's build. And there's this line- he had a perfect shaped back until the cape fell over it. ouch. must have been some cape. I rewrote it to say she saw he had a perfect shaped back etc. much better. too many writers leave out important little notes, and the stories don't make sense. everyone else will tell you cut cut edit. tight writing. BS.. beginners need to expand, and cut unneeded stuff. feel free to have reactions, explantions, and expostion.
reviews help. one website, helium ( member liomas for referal) it pays (small) for articles, though I have made pay out, and members vote on which articles they like best. some of mine they like, some they hate. actually, most they hate. I need to learn a lot about writing for non fiction. this is very good practice, and I almost feel ready to collect rejections from magazines.
rewrite on dark heroes is going well. up to chapter three, sex scene added. yep. soon, maybe, I'll get off my lazy butt and re do forbidden passion a bit, resend it somewhere, and then hit dark supers somewhere.

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