Sunday, February 17, 2008

good news. found a great writing contest, with a prize at a chance of being published, which is really great. write a short scene with a kiss, and voila! you might be making some money when they gush how much they love your stuff. or, you won't hear them laughing about what a horrbile author you are. either way, sounds good.
starts in april, finishes in july, I think. for you clueless people, april is the fourth month, and july is the seventh. so a three month window, which is really great, and a few months to practice.
this sonds really awesome for writers.
time to blow the dust off 'forbidden passion' and re submit. liquid silvers sent me the nicest rejection letter. they loved the stuff, but didn't like the plot. no big deal, the next book will hopefully not have those problems. and they thought the sex scenes were good, which is a huge part of being a erotica writer.
so encouraged and depressed, I re edit the manuscript one more time and send it off to whispers, which is how I heard about thier nifty little contest.
good luck, everyone. (unless you beat me in the contest. then i'll cry. ha ha sob.)

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