Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oohh i had this great idea, a whole new twist on vampires, and then i read carrion comfort, by dan simmons. still reading, actually; this is a big book. and a great one. but it is my idea, right there, done already. there is nothng new under the sun.
plot notes. could not live without them. i often have tv on, killing brain cells, and realize some stupid little tidbit i think is just awesome. i type it, quick, in wordperfect. and save it undr plot notes. when i am ready to write a book, i open plot notes, scan through, and wonder why i wrote so much crap. yippe, the life of a writer. then i write more crap, of longer length. ta da, the novel. then re write. very important for most writers, the re edit. repeat as nessecary. like alot. and changes go under plot notes. things like. changed her name, add later. changed gender, fix now. re write first three chapters for this. maybe i need to work on the plots a bit more.
the paramedic story is almost done. it's halfway through edit, and might be up for grabs about the time forbidden passion hits the market. neat.
i notcied i play a lot of games on the computer. time i should be writing. do i really care about my score? no. if the world ended, would i have anything to show for the hard work? no. can i hold it, handle it? nope. but than by that logic, any book i write will eventually fade into dust. hmm. this logic wipes out all my ambition. drink up the bailey's. nothing else matters.

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