Wednesday, April 23, 2008

just saw one missed call. great movie.
although i wonder. why does she crawl into the ductowrk? hello! ghost running around. i would not be in there, believe me. so why does she do it? it's scary. okay, give her a motive, like she's trying to save her life, thinsk she's going to die anyway. now, the scary part. ask yourself, why is it scary? did the author purposely let us think a corpse was hiding there? it was. and did they plan to have it move slowly in the background? probably.
the fear factor: isolated, trapped, dark, ghost, already killed. asks yourself why you are scared. don't just copy the scene in your book. someone crawling through duictwork sucks. ask yourself why you are scared.
the messengers. (did anyone figure out why the kid's feet was on the bed, when he wasn't killed there? drives me nuts. ) okay, ghosts in the basement. she runs up, guy with pitchfork. she goes back to basement. (idiot.) i would take the sob with the fork. flatten his a** and you're home free. so why not the ghost? becasue you can't hurt them. they're powerful. they can hurt, you're helpless, etc.
and here you thought i was just wasting time watching movies.
ps. don't watch movies with me. that scene in house on the hill where the skeleton pops out of the ashes? i jumped. even after i saw it in the theaters, with mom, with friends, again at the station. every time. i jumped. pathetic. like popcorn everywhere. sigh.

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