Friday, May 16, 2008

oops! It's been a while since i have been writing posts. wouldn't it be great if i had spent all that time on books instead of sitting on my butt watching videos? (thank you blockbuster online.) Ironically i'am complaining about wasteing my time when i should be doing stuff thast creates time wastes for other people. when you start thinking about that, everything seems like a waste of time. like sitting here in the hottest part of Oregon in a sweat stained puddle with barely the engery to move. lovely. now i don't have an excuse not to write, because i am certainly not going out in this heat. oh, wait, videos are shipped to my door, so i can still sneak away from my writing. only i can't sneak away from myself.
i have something to shut myself up, though. i have been thinking, (okay daydreaming) a few funny lines, and if my sweat slicked fingers don't slide off the keyboard, i think stuffing the lines into the book will make them better. i need to focus and kick out another book before i start any more. of course, i have two chapter written already,a nd the female character is taking over the scene, and i suddenly realized i don't have a reason for the male character other than i wanted to blow stuff up. oops. so i think i need to backburner that one, and try to force myself to focus. if i am lucky, i can distract myself with a good movie and sneak away to do nothing.

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