Monday, May 19, 2008

i have alway ignored all the blathering about a book's needs, and writers ramblings about instinct, or artsy stuff. but the paramedic story is missing something. i can tell. so maybe it's not just hog wash. there is something missing from the story; this is not just an excuse to avoid publication or rejection or to slink away from yet another unfinished project, ego semi attached. no, it's just too dull.
ps. sitting on my butt watching tv has not helped. but, uh, that kinda ain't gonna change.
i think the main character may be missing. oh there is one, but her feelings are not addressed often enough, she might as well be a fly on the wall who can talk. does she re act? make a descision? i need a little more with the ghost. it's just not scary enough.
writing ont he mirror? a menacing shadow? maybe. but something. it's not just the length is too short, or a lack of subplots, though there are none, basically, in the book.
i might skip fior a while to the sci fi fantasy funny. the one eyed monster joke still needs work. the re write, and re read, since i haven't read it in a while, is going well. the book isn't as bad as i thought, and parts are still funny. time has made it easy to find akward phrasing, and all the plot lines with various characters are coming together good.
the important thing, of course, is to write.
tv does not help. darn that blockbuster online! i'll never get work done now!

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