Monday, July 28, 2008

the book I going a little slow (darn you farm 51!) Otherwise, really good. I think I’m up to about 40,000. I have two sex scenes, at least, to write, and a few end chapters, which should put it about 50,000 or more, which is perfect.
The biggest hold up is farm 51, from big fish games. The game is not that good. It is a time management, where you run around planting stuff, harvesting, making money, eventually building a rocket (my is half way done- I am so pathetic) and stuff. Yet, the score adds up, you get goals, you meet them, feel good, the end. That is why some of us are addicted to games, and there should be like a step program or disorder named after us. The immediate satisfaction of winning is a high that all too often is not achieved in real life.
Someday, there will be an invention to pry our fingers away from the keyboard. It’s called will power, but let’s overlook that form moment. Yep, some day there will be an invention......
I finished the rocket, and went to the other planet. Nice, but kind of pointless. I mean, it is a game, it the world ended, I would have nothing to show for it, I need to keep that in mind. It’s just a game. Repeat endlessly until work gets Done.

Determining the length of the novel.
Most people (clearly non book writers) say the book is done when it is done. But that leaves you out in the blue when determining length, sub plots, amount of funny jokes you think you can’t live without sharing.
Decide, first, which type of book you want to write. I don’t mean comedy versus romance, I mean adult versus child, youth, non fiction.
Now find websites that publish those books. There should be a requirement telling you how many words are considered appropriate. If one website doesn’t have it, keep looking. You are seeking info on publishing lengths, not a book publisher.
E-books are about 40,00 to 50,000 for a full length novel, about 25, to 50,00 for a small novel, or novella. whispers says no less than 5,ooo and no more than 75,000.
a young adult novel usually tops out about 50,000, and a child’s far less.
If you absolutely can’t live without every piece of the story, consider making it a sequel, or series. Use a word count as a rough estimate on where to chop the story, then use plot to end at just the right moment.
Of course if your book is too short, you need to do a serious re write. Be careful about just adding filler that does nothing but add to word count. The world does not need twelve descriptions of the same thing said different ways just because you lack a sub plot or two, nor do we need pretty prose that trails on for pages.

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