Saturday, August 2, 2008

Needless to say, since it is the August now, and I don’t have the book finished, that I did not get off my lazy a** and finish it. If you guessed that, congratulations. You can look at a date and the last few entries and put them together. I could be all whiney, and say I was fired from job, and things have been hell, but I will ‘fess up. It’s my fault. Yes I was fired from my job. I have a few options, though.
! Commit suicide. This is kind of a back up plan, like, a last minute everything else has been tried. Not a good option, but well keep it in mind.
2 burn down the company. I love a good fire, who doesn’t? Oh, I would love to see this place go. But, uh, it really only affects the customer, and a few employees that I like, and maybe the sh*thead who wrote some lame emails that got me fired.
3 track down the sh*t head responsible and beat the crap put of him. Whoo, yeah, I could go for this one. But, uh, how do I figure it out exactly? I don’t know who is responsible. And really, it won’t get the job back, which sucks as it was pretty much perfect.
I now have all these violent ideas, and tons of wept on tissue. So I have not been in the mood to finish the funny novel. I did read christopher moore stupidest angel. Very funny, but I might even have almost smiled once or twice. It is funny, but now is just now a good time for me.
Moot point. I should have finished the novel I was writing. Good news, I wrote a few more chapter of thief, some of which I don’t hate instantly.
So I didn’t finish the novel because I am an immature idiot who couldn’t stop crying over their f*cking job, and spent time on other books. My fault.
I might gt it done this month (ha!) Since I kind of have almost an entire month, and just a few chapters more. We’ll see.

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