Friday, August 8, 2008

i now have a list of 26 different ebook publishers, almost all romance. plus, a few other sites that list many other publishers. soon i hope to have a list on the side, so writers will have plenty of places to submit to. dark supers is coming along well, i am doing yet another re write, because i don't remember where i was in the last one. now, i'm about chapter 9 or so. yee hah. hopefully will be done soon and making money, since (whine) i have no other income. work is a four letter word.
i stopped doing the funny book, just because i don't feel funny right now. does christopher moore have this probelm? i finished reading his book stupidest angel, and it was pretty good, and now am starting on moore's coyote blue. oh, and i finsihed reading moore island of the sequined love nun. interesting.
i am dying for a barnes and noble in this town. one of the many reasons i support ebooks.

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