Saturday, September 20, 2008

I should try and finish the comedy sci fi. Just because i said I would, and haven't, and also because I should doing about a book a month. In a perfect world. Anyone knows directions to get there? It's going to take me a while to get off my lazy butt, and stop playing computer games. Maybe then we'll see. Just saw this funny7 video on smart bitches. You follow the link and click on where 's sebastion. Very funny, his loin cloth flaps in the breeze and looks like a wagging tail on his groin. Or maybe something else. Very funny.
I did that finallyfast dot com on my computer, and now it is having problems. I didn't buy anything because I don't have money, but isn't it odd when you run a computer check up thing and don't buy anything, how bad the computer runs? It's like they send a little virus to make sure you buy their crap. Am I the only to notice that? It's like anti spam message that is spam, so you run of to buy the product. or maybe it's just an old crappy computer, which it is, but it seems awfully funny that it breaks down so much faster after visiting a computer check up site. I seem to recall having this problem before.
i have a nice new plot fo a young adult novel, now i just need to start writing it. i don't have a begining i like, but no probelm. start writing, and when the book is going well, i'll knwo the characters much better and can re-write endssly. for an e-book, the first part is the most important. most sites show that as a preveiw.

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