Wednesday, September 24, 2008

success! not at typing, as there are still many typos, but success re-getting old microsoft works word programs. they have a convert file thing, it works great. horrbile instructions, though. there was a lot of swearing, and yes some biting, but finally, ta dah! i can now open old files that i saved under the word processor program i accidentally deleted. ha ha. i'm an idiot.
i started another novel, yes another one, because it seems easier to start than to finish, though on my behalf i couldn't access half the files because of that little screw up with deleting the wrong program, now word office whatever can open all word works whatever. so, i need to finish sci fi, and the new one is going to be a comedy, another quicke porn, though i would like to branch out into print some day, for now, i need money, and might do another quick porn and see if i can get some dough rolling in.
looked at other blogs, alot. i am not the only person to misspell like as liek. isn't that weird?

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