Thursday, September 25, 2008

yesterday i wrote over a whole chapter on the new book space pirates. before you go uh, it sounds sucky, it's a comedy. that was yesterday. today i woke, remembered i still don't have a job, and felt like crying the whole rest of the day. so no new writing today. i wanted to delve back into the comedy, as refreshing as a dip in an ice blue lake, but no, the black mires of depression had me. so i'm watching the simpsons, again. like i have seen it enough times i almost have the words memorized.
maybe tomorrow i'll feel better. in the meanitme, i went jogging, which is something, and picked up the next book in this new series i'm starting, dexter. i know, i know, it's on hbo ro something, i am like really behind. but it's a good series, and i'm gratefult he library had a copy so i wouldn't have to buy. couldn't afford it.
so how do bookstores make money with used books? i love this series, that i never would have picked up otherwise, and now, if the authors publishes a new book at barnes and noble (I love them!) i'll buy it, because i had a chance to read it for free.
pacing is very hard on a book. sometimes, you just can't go plot sex plot sex. every other chapter. sometimes, the whiney plot just calls for more talking, or more sex.
so, now the space pirate is in the bordello, or brothel, and her crew is busy, and someone meets the love of their life. hello hot sex.
every book bring me to my goal of being in print. ebooks are wonderful, but erotica is often simple plot, and well done sex. it's not easy writing porn. people are impaitent to skip the plot and get to the next sex chapters, where the plot will intrude. that brief bit of talking better be real good if you want to write erotica. now, the sex scene are also diffcult, there are only so many ways to describe gentailia. very hard, being brief, detailed, and exciting with a couple of characters that are technially lying there, nto moving more than their hips.
but i love writing.

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