Monday, October 27, 2008

free ebook contest

Who wants a free ebook? I'm announcing the new I-WANT-TO-BE-A-BETTER-WRITER contest. hmm, that spells iwbaw. maybe I should work on a better name, too. contest details are very easy. simply buy my book, and write the nicest review you feel comfortable making. if you don't feel right saying anything positive, because you thought it was the most suckiest book ever-(admittedly, it's not the best, but it is a first book and I have seen worse, believe me.) -simply email a copy of the receipt, plus, a brief explanation of what I can change. one out of two people will be reimbursed. that's the free ebook giveaway. a free ebook contest that's very simple to win. winners get a free ebook. losers will be burnt. just kidding. and to enter the romance ebook giveaway, it needs to be honest, something like I couldn't get past the crappy character's name, or too many flash backs. a comment like 'me no like' will not be eligible; it needs to advice I can fix. the contest only applies to the current book. right now, it's Forbidden Passion, and will be for months, because I have to finish and get another book published, which takes at least three to four months, tops. when I publish book two, the contest will focus on that one.
1) buy my book write a nice review. thank you! keep reading to see how you win a free ebook, you wonderful nice people you.
2)buy my book and no like. copy receipt, tell me why you didn't like, I'll reimburse one out of every two people. be truthful, cruel, funny. rip me a new hole ( in my ego. what did you think i meant, you dirty minded person?) and you will automactically be in my free ebook contest. free ebook giveaway. whatever.
3. I become a better writer. yippee!

so how do I know this hack will be pay me? you might think. why one out of every two?
because people think alike, and point out obvious glaring mistakes, ergo everyone will say the same thing, and I don't want to pay for the same advice, over and over. plus, it gives me time to judge the entries, I.E. wait for paycheck if there are too many entries.

exceptions: if your advice is good, I don't care how many other people I have paid, you will be paid if you truly help me. see what a nice person I am?
if you cheat, I won't be happy. don't tell me you paid fifteen ninety five for the book, when I can go the site myself and see what it costs. 3.95. mostly.

p.s. if you wrote a good review, but think something really bothered you, tell me and I'll still put you in the contest, just for being helpful. And you'll probably win. bad reviews are not required for a free ebook contest. merely useful advice on writing.

so why am i doing this? beside increasing sales, i hope i hope? becuase writing erotica is not easy. i need to learn how to be a better writer. i want useful tips for writing better erotica. and you can spend the contest winnings and another ebook, so it's like getting a free ebook of your choice, in a price range.
you can leave commetns in the comment section, as well.

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